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This is Mary, and she's and her husband are expecting a baby boy in about 3 weeks! She was one of my first Abilene clients (yay!) and I was really excited about getting to work with her! Her family attends my church and I've been noticing her since we started going there... she's got a perfect "I swallowed a basketball" belly.... and not to mention that she's just beautiful!! I love her dark hair and blue eyes.... and she's a hairstylist too!! Always good to know!! :) I don't like to approach people.. but I finally braved it to give her my card and suggest she take some pregnancy portraits! Turned out, she was just thinking about finding someone to do them!!! It was meant to be!!

I was tickled to find this train to take pictures next to! I've been itchin' to get a Senior up next to or (better yet) on one... but haven't been able to find a stationary train with the colorful graffiti.... needless to say I was thrilled when I drove by this one and the grass was grown up around it as if it had been there for months!! We braved it, and I think the results were soo worth it! I was also excited to get her up next to these wild sunflowers that seem to grow everywhere here... and they were growing up right next to this cool building with the red door! Anyway... enough rambling!

Mary, I wish you a beautiful birth experience and I'm excited to work with your new little man when he is ready for his first photo session!!! Thanks so much for working with me!!

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Sasha said...

Hi Karyn! wuaww beautiful pictures!! Are you all bookes already fro september?/ WOuld love for you to work with my kids!
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

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